The USDA Food And Nutrition Services Programs


The Food and Nutrition Service is the USDA’s agency which deals with controlling hunger and obesity in the country. The company provides food for all poor and disable families who can’t afford food for the survival. The center provides healthy and safe health programs to all the people around the country. The basic purpose of the company is to strengthen the nutritional health of the Nation with the effective and informative health and nutritional programs.

List of Programs

The following are the main programs offered by the company for the healthy and save the environment:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

This program is based on the SNAP which is a nutrition assistance to millions of low-income individuals and eligible families. It also provides economic benefits to all these communities. Being the much larger program, in the safety of domestic hunger net, it works with the State agencies, faith-based companies or organizations, neighborhood and the nutrition educators which ensure all the eligible individuals and families who need assistance in nutrition should aware of the benefits and decisive factors of this program before applying.

  • Food Distribution Programs

This program’s mission is to establish a safety net for the Nation’s nutrition, safety which could be possible only by providing them best quality nutrition and food. It could be the assistance to families and school children. The company assists the children and their families with the safety programs as well as health programs which are the supportive information about the American agriculture which has 100% distributing high standard USDA foods growth.

  • Child Nutrition Programs

With this beneficial program, they provide children with best healthy food which the collaboration of the National School Lunch program, Child and Adult care, Adult Cre food Program, School Breakfast Service, Vegetables and Fresh Fruit program, Summer Food Service Program and the Special Milk Program. This program, under the administration of the centers control obesity and hunger in various child care centers and schools with the supply of healthy meal.

  • WIC

Woman, Infant and Children program give the States with the best nutritional and health care information to the breast feeding, low income pregnant women and non breast feeding with postpartum of women. Beside this is also working for the infants and the children of five years of age who need nutritional support.

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