The UK Government Policy And Legislation Law For Security Agencies


The UK government has already passed a new policy and the legislation for the intelligence officers, police, GCHQ and other security agencies to exempt them from the prosecution of hacking the mobile phones and the computers around the world, as it increases the threats in the world about the user information which they have added for any purpose online at the company or the agency forms.

While controversial or major changes in the legislative usually go through the general process of the parliament (i.e. Debate of the Democracy) before it becomes the law of the country. An amendment of this case to the Misuse actions performed through the Computer was evade in the target of a radar and it would be the second legislation in the country by the Government.

According to the Internation Privacy:

“It appears that the no commissioners, regulators are ever responsible for the overseeing of the NGO, intelligence agencies, industrial, Information Commissioner Office, or the public were consulted about the proposed changes of the legislature. There was no debate by the public.”


They have also suggested that the changing in the law would be the direct response to all the complaints which are filed by the people last year against this internet theft. Last May, 2014, the 7 providers of the communication and the Privacy International have filed a complaint with the United Kingdom IPT, which asserts that the hacking actions of the GCHQ were illegal and against the law, according to the Act of the Misuse of the Computer Service.

After the complaint launched by the companies, on the 6th June, 2014, the Government of United Kingdom has introduced a new law via the Serious Bill on Crime, which would allow the GCHQ, police and the intelligence officers to hack the accounts without taking it as a liability of the criminal. The bill has passed under a law in the current year March 3, 2015 by the Government and it would be effective from the 3rd May, 2015.

The Privacy International expressed their opinion on the Government bills passed on such crimes that before the law, there was no such public debate, which was enacted on such cases. On a one side, the stakeholders need to consult the authorities like Scotland Office, Ministry of Justice, Northern Ireland Office, Crown Prosecution Service, National Crime and the GCHQ.

Although the law is already implemented since the year 2014, after the filing of the complaints by the Privacy International, they are still not ready to bring the changes in the Act of the Computer Misuse, and it continues, no matter the new legislation against such crimes are already activated from the May. The government of the UK is allowed to take such actions, but it would be unusual act of the undemocratic and the underhanded.

According to the legal expertise of the Privacy International, the amended by the Computer Misuse Act also grants the UK enforcement law a new leeway to conduct potentially a cyber attacks within the country.

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