The concentration of Sulphate in water from the past two decades is increasing according to the report of the authorities. As compared to the contaminants of water like nitrate, arsenic and the heavy metals, sulfate is having no standard level for the drinking water or the life under water. Although the second standard of drinking water in the USA is 250mg and the level of concentration is above 600mg which may create negative effects in water.

The simple technology for decreasing the amount of sulphate in the lime mixture is by adding calcium as pebble lime, hydrated lime, or the limestone can do the precipitation of gypsum and can decrease the concentration of sulphate till the limit of solubility that is 1500-2000mg.The level of concentration down this level will stay unaffected by the addition of lime in it. The equipment that is required in this process is lime silo. If we want to reduce the sulphate more then we have to add one more process like barium or CESR.

Apex Engineering has designed many small treatment systems for the removal of sulphate from the mine water. These systems are packed with continuous supply of carbon and they are on way of creating two more bioreactors in this year for the construction.

The passive or the biochemical bioreactors are another technology used for the removing of sulphate. Biochemicals are the methods of removing the sulphates by the usage of organic substances. They can work with and without the help of humans on their own, that’s why they are known as the biochemical reactors.


Nanofiltration is a process that can be used for the removal of sulphate and other waste materials from water. It works at high temperature but less than the pressure which is used in the process of reverse osmosis. This process causes the high removal of sulphate because of divalent ion, but they have low monovalent ions which are either nitrate or sodium. This process helps in the quick removal of the sulphates.

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