The Target Red Debit Card Privacy Policy


The Target Red card is the special card, offered by the company which deals with the woman, kids and man shoes, clothing, bags, gifts, jewelry, furniture and home décor accessories and others.

Privacy Policy

The company has the privacy policy on the special cards which they offered for the ease of their customers. They have used the customer data and other information, which have provided in the form for the registration for their own business purposes.



The all financial companies, which hold the company’s financial record would share their personal information for their own use, but according to the Federal law, which has a right to limit this information sharing policy.


The information of the customer, which is used by the company policy is their transaction information, social security number, loss history of their transaction and the history of the overdraft.


The companies share the customer information for their own business purposes. They need to manage the process of the account transactions which are performed by the company. They need to manage all the card holders, which acquires the company special card for their online payment process.


Every company needs to promote their business for getting the maximum customer attention, which reflects their profit margin. The company used the customer data for the promotion of their products and the services.

Other Ventures

The companies also prefer to share the limited information of the customer, for the joint marketing and the other financial companies, who are part of this venture. It means, if the company need the other company to promote their products or the banks which play a vital role in managing the financial transaction of the customer account, they need to share the customer information.Without this, no any supportive or the joint company would accept the payment or the promotional service which are perform through this company user account for the company online shopping and payment process.


For limiting the sharing information, the customer could contact on the toll free numbers 1-800-968-4001 to get the assistance of their personal information limitations.

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