The innovative system of the Hydro pad Wash is used to get a hold on waste water and totally recycle it from waste water. The firm of Hydro inc. has introduced methods in which they can quickly take the dirty water and recycle it by using heavy machinery and the maintenance landscaping.

It has been making the design for getting a hold on waste water that is produced by cleaning the vehicles and their parts for years. This work is done without any kind of compromise with the things that pollute the water and then transfer to the environment from a long time.

The hydro pad is the system on which the transport means, hardware devices etc are put together to be washed. They are designed to hold water and channel fast to make them move to the savage system of the hydro pad.

The effluent that is stopped then changes towards the hydrokleen system of filtration and is moved back outward, towards the hydro blaster system of cleaning for 100% pure and clean water.


The working racks of hydro pad are also made for a safe setup. The capacity of weight load can reach almost from almost 2 tons to 70 tons of heavy machinery. Many hydro pads can be connected together to get through any range of heavy products.

Every cleaning job is different but the kind of washing that is done in hydro pads is having a scope and holding a wide range. That is the main reason that hydro pads can have an extra panel as an option.

It is done by the help of apparatus along with sliding doors that increases the ability of water to capture. This option is best for huge and tall machinery that is used for heavy duty to be fully cleaned so that the cost of it on maintaining is cut down.

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