The ST.Pete’s Waterfront Is Another Masterpiece Of The City


On Friday, the Russian city ST. PETERSBURG got a new masterpiece plan of the waterfront, which is a sweeping plan for the downtown. The idea becomes more clear, when the most important focus is uncovered as it would lie between the Bayboro Harbor areas and The Pier.

These two main districts are abolishing for the greatest amount of commercial and public use. In a presentation by the consultants, the commercial and the public area which is the busiest road for the general public is the major point which The Pier considered before redeveloping them.

While the GAI Consultants Pete Schler, highlighted the important points of the building the waterfront in the city towards the members of the Community Planning, City Council and Preservation Commission. The plan is about to implement on the city. It is reported by the Dave Goodwin, Director of Planning and Economic Development that this plan will be scheduled again by the CPPC and it will be expected to decide after the City Council voted which would be on May 7th. The final adoption of this waterfront project could be on May 21.

The major plan of the waterfront development is a guideline which indicates it as the city’s signature waterfront, which will start from the north of the Lassing Park to the Coffee Pot Bayou. The rough estimation on this master plan is almost $500,000 posted by the AECOM group. Such big amount is mandated by the charter of the city and it should be applied before the July 1.


This mega project is under discussion for more than a one year with a series of presentations, meetings and suggestions posted in the neighborhood as a public presentation, workshop and business groups. According to the Sechler, who is the consultant in AECOM and working on this project, presented a plan whose sole purpose is to shed light on the beginning and the ending of the waterfront areas which need little changes for the improvement of the LassingPark which is situated at the south and the Coffee Pot District which is situated at the north.

It is an opportunity for the St. Petersburg to develop a masterpiece in the city which will have a scenic park on the waterfront on one end and on the other side it has Beach Drive areas which is a pier approach.

Nowadays, several suggestions and the recommendations are under discussion. The city is under the progress of this master plan in which the communities are selecting the new innovative design for the waterfront at The Pier. The decision will be finalized by the top finalists by the city council who would take decisions on the best design for the project. It is expected to complete the decision steps in the coming month.

As the major purpose of designing this mega project is to connect the Bayfront areas with the walkways, parks and at other major elements that are not visually innovative but also it adds the physical creativity in the project.

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