The Silicon Valley Water Conservation Plan


The Silicon Valley, is a highly reputed technological innovator which already boom the world with their personal computers, circuits, smartphones and microprocessors. This is an era of the bravado and the confidence. The employees of the Silicon Valley are sincere and committed. They have introduced several technological miracles in the world. The main goal of the valley is to “change the world” with more advance technological innovations and the inventions.

For the last couple of months, the California is facing the biggest water crises in the country. Although several plans are already in the list and implemented to restrict the use of water in the country. According to the Jerry Brown, who has already ordered the certain rules of water usages in the country.

With this water conservation, now the Silicon Valley has also started the innovation plan which could limit the use of water in the valley to contribute in the water conservation strategies.

The Silicon Valley is always in search of gaining the maximum profit invest in the profitable projects with the other companies. The Valley’s investors have already experienced that the energy technologies often required a huge amount of investments which result in the successful development of the cycles. When the solar panels were introduced in the technological market at the such cheap rates, their mantra of “changing the world” is transferred to the social websites which have huge users and the companies also prefer such sites for their promotional campaigns. The investment on such technological websites and the software are profitable and give the prominent figure in the competitive market.


Such highly profit earners who are working day and night for introducing the new and advanced technologies in the world, when faced such water crises it becomes odd.

In an interview, the investor of the Silicon Valley Vinod Khosla said:

“Not sure I have much to say on the water crisis that is enlightening.”

The critical conditions of the water sources in the country are most challenging crises in the whole country. The complication in which the investors are tolerating in such conditions could effect on the investment amount as if there is a shortage of water in the country, no one would ever think to work and invest in such areas. The current scenario requires the careful implementation of the solutions to overcome the water crises rather than focus on the technological breakthrough.

In such situations, after the California has started facing the water paucity conditions in the city, the investment in the Silicon valley is declining tremendously and which is serious blow to the economy of the country. According to the latest report, the investors of the Silicon Valley are losing their interest in the water conservation strategies. They are not interested in supporting the waste water startup projects and on other conservation new plans which are suggested by the authorities for controlling the water crisis in the city. According to the latest report, now investment is decline up to $358 million.

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