The Serious Damage To Milk Bubble Business Due To Poor Water Quality In Ireland


The water is always the essential component of the human life. Several years, researches are completing on the water and its importance in our healthy life. One could survive without the food, but it is not possible to stay without water up to 2-3 days. In every country the quality of the water is always talk of the town because of its severe consequences on the health of the human as well as plants and animal life.

In Ireland, the environmental control units were seriously warned against the bad quality of the water in the country. It is needs of time to purify the country water as it is effecting on the milk production in the country by 50pc. It is time to worry as there is no any proper facility to filter that polluted water, which is damaging the animals which produce milk. There are no any licensed rules and calculation meter which could increase the water quality and control the absorption of the additional virus or bacteria into the polluted water which is a requirement of the healthy life.

Among all these main environmental warnings which are arising from the unavoidable circumstances like the nitrogen fertilizer usage, which is already taking the lives of the people in the south area of the Ireland. This southern region belongs to the same region, which is already suffering from the dearth of the milk production.

According to the reports submitted by the Environmentalists, the milk production has affected badly due to the disease recently diagnosed in the dairy cows which is due to the poor quality of the water and fertilizer over usage in the region.


In an interview with the John Gibbons, the environmentalist predicts about the future of the dairy production in the country:

“If we are trying to expand our production of dairying, then we are going to have to severe the grass production in the country. Our farmers in the southern region are going to whip on more nitrogen and that will imminently finish in our estuary. There will also be a large growth in blurry output.”

On the other hand, the country is also warned by the HSE that the waterborne, risk of zoonotic disease or illness, would be transferred from dairy animals to the human life who consume their milk or milk products in the country. The severe consequences of these kind of risks are potentially not estimated properly. There could be the alarming impact on the human life due to the contamination of the poor quality drinking water.

Before this dearth situation, the EPA (The Environmental Protection Agency) warned the Ireland, locals about the more challenging situations and circumstances to bring the water bodies in a good state. They also predict that the quality of the water in the country is at a great risk and it should be controlled in time, otherwise, it will decline in near future. It is already predicted, that nutrient in the water of the Ireland will end in the upcoming years.

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