A group of students is doing research and trying to solve this secret behind the contaminated water. Why is there large amount of E.coli in water and why its amount is constantly increasing? From where is it coming? This question was asked by a student of the university.

The level of E. coli is 20 times more than the limit of the Colorado city according to a news report. By the help of student data the investigation is going on further since the year 2008. The local cities of the area of Lakewood can be under restrictions due to this issue of unhealthy water.

The water was taken from the area of Metro State and tested by the students from almost 18 different locations and 2 times in a single month. This was started in the month of May in the year 2013. It was a difficult task to go up and down in the muddy water and moving further in the winter season.

But even after the information by the government and the efforts of the students, it was still a mystery that from where this contaminated water is coming and polluting the water supplies.


The situation is perhaps changed as the water flow of water continues along its path. It starts from the top of the hill to the evergreen area and then flows towards the houses and the commercial areas.

According to an officer of Health water the contaminated water is more increased when it reaches E. coli and the other pollutants also increase in the water. There are few signs to show that where the contamination of water is starting and what is the reason behind it.

The manager of the project informed that they are aware that either the dogs or humans are the reason of it. He said that the problem is not just about the E. coli, but many other contaminants like oil, grease, fertilizers are also polluting the environment.

The amount of E. coli in water can be measured with the help of the tool kits and then their samples can be sent to the laboratories for the analysis.

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