The SEBASTIAN Waterfront Project Finally Started


The Florida city SEBASTIAN new and latest waterfront project has finally got the approval and now the progress in the Drive of the Indian River is moving ahead. The former owner of the Fisherman’s Restaurant has filed a case. The case was against the court of the city, which is later settled down outside the court by the both parties.

The project gets the unanimous voted in City Council at their Wednesday meeting. The agenda of the meeting is to pay Deb McManus, who is the owner of the Fort Pierce with the almost $18,000 amount to release the case which she has filed against the city court in the year 2013.

The main purpose of this case against the court was that, the Seafood Inc at the Indian River and the Fisherman’s Landing Inc couldn’t stop the McManus, from the restaurant operation across the working waterfront and the Hurricane Harbor which is old but still a tourist recreational area.

In the year 2009, the city state has already obtained the property, from the grant of the Waterfront of Stan Mayfield. It was the city major portion, which have the community which grant the funds for the redevelopment.


According to the rules and the law of the grant, there should be the little area which should be dedicated to the eatery chain and they need to offer the limited services to the people who visited the place. The seating area at this place, is already approved to use by the visitors. Due to the McManus restaurant, which provides the excellent, but the complete services, they couldn’t fulfilled the requirements of the grant law. This has closed the restaurant in the year 2011. After the closure of the restaurant, the McManus proclaimed that she was trying to recover her loss of almost $100,000, with the investments. She also added that, her investment in the recovery of the property, is to renovate the property and making it more appealing to the visitors according to the city law.

Robert Ginsburg, who is the City Attorney, excitedly said that with the consequences of the filed case, they are successfully saved the large amount in the legal fees, which they had to pay outside the counsel to defend their case of the lawsuit.

He said that

“The preparation for this lawsuit requires the very high cost, and such big amount is somewhat much less than the discussions which are previously made by the plaintiff. This time, it is the best settlement in the favor of the city.”

Andrea Coy, who is the Council member show his agreed statement with the Gin’s assessment which show that the litigation has come to an end. The both members have attended the inauguration ceremony of the waterfront, which exhibit the center. It would be the first development project of the city.

The city will now working on the next step of the construction phase which contains almost 1500 blocks at the Drive of the Indian River for the different business across the waterfront.

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