Pipelines are very useful to connect the sources of water with the consumers and the business in a very fast manner that is economically reliable. They are considered as the functional mean but the breakage happens from which the work is also affected and causalities happen during the process of repairing.

In order to get this problem there are almost 240000 major breaks of water each year in America. By thinking that all pipe are in need to be replaced, the cost of them in present tome will reach to almost 1 trillion dollars. This was estimated by the American Water Works Association.

The portable water of America and the waste structure is not in good condition and got a D grade in the society of Civil Engineers annual report card. In the one big factor of the contribution there are chances of Corrison as the amount of leakages and failures is too much in the structure.

The methods for the pipes connections are quite expensive and expert laborers are required for this purpose. The standards of installing the pipelines by the industry are of low grade and are unsafe for healthy living.


The level of estimation by EPI was almost 4000 to 5000 miles for the annual drinking water pipelines that are changed every year and this project will increase more in the coming future.

There are three methods of providing a standard to pipelines and poly wrap method is the most effective one among them.

The poly wrap method is the most effective one for the elimination of corrosion but it is also having problems of breakage and low performance during the installation. There are methods for corrosion too but they are not suitable according to the safety hazards and are extra expensive, time taking and less reliable.

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