The Repair Works stopped the Water Supply: NWC not sure for how long the repair works will be carried out!


The news has been received from Jamaica that a massive disruption in the services is expected due to the number of incidents. “There has been a serious damage caused to a number of serious transmission mains that have caused the problems,” said by the NWC (National Water Commission) officials.

According to the reports, the supply that comes out from the Rio Cobre/Tulloch Springs along with the Constant Spring system, even though, there is a little identified at present other than both the incidents have occurred within the last 24 hours.

It has been identified that the major concerns are going to be raised because the areas of Portmore and the Corporate Area going to get affected because both systems are the places where the greater part of the water comes from.

According to the NWC statement, there was going to be every stop pulled out trying to get the maximum work carried out in the shortest time. Warnings have been made that the residents of those areas are going to get a very low water pressure and it will be as a low as if there will be no water coming out. The reason for this is that the efforts are to get the repair work completed right away in the shortest time.


Unfortunately, there is a long list of the areas those are going to be affected and such areas are announced by the National Water Commission earlier. The areas those are going to be affected include, Constant Spring Road, Spanish Town Road, Portmore, Half-Way-Tree and Mannings Hill Road.

There are also some other areas, those are going to be affected and it looks like that the NWC doesn’t know the full extent of the issue, so because they have added the “surrounding areas” as well along with the named areas.

The NWC have not said for how long the repair works will be done or what way they are going in order to resolve the issue.

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