Recycled Water : Are The People Of America Ready To Drink It?


How Is Waste Water Being Recycled.

The wastewater after getting the treatment is certainly a huge asset considering the historic California’s drought. But the question is, are the people of the America really ready to drink that water?

The question that the reporter named as Audrey Dilling has brought with her while her fresh tour of Silicon Valley Water Purification Center. This purification center that is known as “Silicon Valley Water Purification Center” is treating the wastewater and purifying it to get it the quality in order to make it drinkable.

A local wastewater treatment plant is used to send the water to the center. It means that the wastewater is already being purified slightly, but it is just about to go on a journey that will be like  no water molecules in Bay locations had ever seen.

The water go off into the early levels of the filtration while entering center. That means when the water is coming in the plant, it in fact is coming through the automatic strainers.


The second filtration level is used when the water has come out of the first one and in this process, the water passes through it like the hairs thin. And after that, the reverse of osmosis getting rid of the molecular-level waste.

According to the Filice, “the entire process is like passing the heavily pressured water through the one expensive piece of the paper. It will be received as the clean from the one side while the other side will carry the dirt.”

The last step in the whole process of purifying the wastewater is the “UV light filtration” in order to attack the viruses.

According to the Filice – We can never kill the virus, but what thing we can achieve is, we can kill the ability of the virus to reproduce and they never live long as well.

But he also said, even the water is clean but he would still not drink it just because of the fact of having the stigma that is associated with the “toilet-to-tap” water.

He also added that the water is not yet regulated by “Health Department” and it is not at all cleared to drink.

The San Diego has been seen as the latest city that is moving towards recycling the wastewater in order to convert it into the drinking water. The question is still there that “is the Americans are ready to drink that.”

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