The station that was begun in the year 1882 and all along the Missouri, Kansas and the Texas Railroads, Hewitt-Texas that covers the 6.68 square miles south of the Waco. Located in the center of the Austin and the Dallas, the city has practiced the extraordinary growth from the 1970s.

It was recorded as the fastest growing society in the entire nation at one time and it has grown up from the 569 in the 1970 to the 13,549 that is its current population. That means that the population growth rate has exceeded with the time for this community immensely.

There was only one artesian well and the storage tank by which the local system of the water was initiated in the 1899 and it was in the private hands till the time it was purchased by the city back in 1985.

Presently, the water system comprises of the five wells and the 3 connections to Waco water system and also 73.5 miles of the water lines those are serving approximately 5,600 accounts in which 97% of the accounts are the residential.


Back in 1992, the James Black joined the Hewitt’s utility billing services and at that time, the city used to read the meters with the help of the paper and the pencil.

As the touchpad reading system arrived, it really helped the cause, but the system still needed up to the two and a half week for the workers in order to record the meter readings in order to meet up the billing cycle for the month.

In 2010, the installation of the SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) network for city was made. And after that, the Black (Director of Utilities) and the entire team comprehended that the alike circumstances that prepared the service area perfect for the SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) – a comparatively flat, restricted landscape with the high water tower for the signal collection and the transmission – as well made it the ideal approach for the fixed network AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) for the water system.

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