The Poor Water Quality In Philippines Affecting Various Tourists And Visitors


On March, 22, 2015, a serious issue has gotten the attention of the MANILA Government, Philippines when the visitors and the tourists’ visited the country and complain about the harmful bacteria in water and its effects on their health. The Phillippines is always facing severe issues in their sewage as well as on the quality of water in the country.

According to the report published by the DOT (Department of Tourism) the poor quality of water on a Boracay Island, is much a serious issue, but they are optimistic for the number of visitors or tourists who like to visit this city, will continue to accelerate in the coming year specially in summer season. This number includes both domestic and international tourists in the country. Last year, the average amount of visitors in the In 2014, visitor arrivals in Malay town, Aklan, Boracay reached up to 1.4 million in which mostly were domestic tourists which is very close target of the department like 1.5 million.

In another report by the Benito Bengzon Jr, Undersecretary for Tourism Development, their major concern is to accommodate all the visitors at the country’s most visited tourist locations of the Western Visayan island.

Last month (DENR) Department of Environment and Natural Resources sent a report to the (EMB) Environmental Management Bureau about the water quality in the country. The report was based on the facts as the water in the country has detected with the high harmful bacteria, coliform in the drainage system and the most alarming fact is that all this harmful bacterial water empties into the water coast of the great Sitio Bulabog. The coastal water also contains the domestic wastes which empties from the commercial as well as the residential locations into the sea. Boracay’s main tourist area is on White Beach, on the west coast.


The Boracay Environment Secretary, Romon Paje has requested the residents of the coastal area to maintain the cleanliness of the water. He further suggested that, people need to maintain the valuable status of the White Beach as it is the main target of the tourists due to its purity and beautiful landscape. The sewage should be improved immediately to prevent the polluted water drained into the main sea of the Boracay Island. He further added that our Island got strongest and biggest interest of the stakeholders and it would be benefit if we make sure about the quality of our water run on our coastal beaches located in the most visited destinations in Philippines like Baracay Island.

But according to the Tourist of Bengzon, they passed a new statement which is entirely negative on what orders are given by the Roman Paje.

They clearly give a statement on the water quality report:

“What has been forwarded to us are initial reports on what appears to be problems with the quality of water in Boracay. But I would rather wait for a complete report to determine the steps to take,”

These tourists and visitors on the Island generate high revenue by their visits at these exotic locations. From April to June, this place is the best holiday destination for its visitors and tourists from the other countries.

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