The Zebra fish are used by the scientists in China in order to find out the quality of water.

Zebra fish whose genetic code is similar to humans is in future time going to be used by the government to observe the quality of water. The small fish that lives in River Ganges in India is taken by the scientists and almost above 80 percent of its genes are similar to those of humans, according to the news report.

These zebra fish are used by the scientists to test the new medicines. At this time China could become the top list country to use the fish as the tool for checking the water pollution, according to the news report.

“The method of testing is easy and straight. Almost 20 Zebrafish embryos are taken and then they are divided into few samples. Later these samples are observed in different laboratories by a microscope for time limit of almost four days to one week” – Newspaper Report.


If any of these fish die or even mutate then the water is considered to be harmful.

A biological researcher and professor whose name is Chen Feng told that the ministry of the protection of the environment spent year in writing test by using Zebrafish in water quality of national standard.

According to the news report many technical problem are sorted till now and it will come to announce the standard of water quality. China is still facing lots of water pollution related issues.

Sixty percent of the underground water in China is examined from forty five thousand and above area across the country to check the quality of water either bad or very bad. This survey is going on by the ministry of environmental protection.

At the same time almost half of the main lakes of China are found contaminated, slightly or moderately. While on one side they are fighting against water pollution, on the other side water scarcity is increasing.

According to a report out of 657 main cities of China 300 are facing the problem of water scarcity. This is the standard set by the United Nations. The major scarcity of water is in Beijing and Tianjin and the province that is surrounding Hebei – Business week report.

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