The Newyork Waterfront Commission Case Took New Turn


The Governor of the New York Mr. Chris Christie has rejected the law and policy whose sole purpose was to diffuse the Commission of the Waterfront located on the New York Harbor. It is with the agency officials, who insist that the New Jersey couldn’t independently undue with the steps which the Congress and the two states did in the last 62 years to get rid from the docks of the organized crime.

According to the S-2277/A-3506 legislation, which was introduced by the D-Union Sen. Raymond and later was approved strongly, in response to the complaints about the commission that they had exceeded its authority given to the police the port warehouses and docks and they are interfering in the waterfront project with the other hiring process of the country shipping industry.

The New Jersey have been pulled out from the commission after the bill of the Lesniak. It was created by the chart of the Congress and the bi-sate legislation in the year 1953. The duties of the Harbor of the New Jersey were transferred to the Police of the State. The commission contains only one commissioner, which would be appointed from the different states of the New Jersey by the governor of the country. These hired commissioners from the different states would be certified and are not bound to control only the crime rate in the country, but also could work effectively in the trade of the shipment.

The U.S former, Christie which has an attorney for the New Jersey and handled the office for the crime cases is also recommended. He should try to solve the issues of the commission, which is due to the lawmakers rather than interfere in the state law and policies which tailored the role of the commission in the process of the hiring and control the unnecessary interference of the unauthorized parties.


According to the Christie, who expressed his opinion:

” I am not insensitive to the bill merits, I advised that the federal law should not allow one state to unnecessary withdraw from a Congress approved bi-state law.”

He further added that by clarifying the jurisdiction of the commissioner’s, the lawmakers would be not sure about the commission of the Waterfront. They would be diligently addressed one of the important goals of this bill, which afforded by the companies who are doing the business in the region of the port and has increased the regulatory predictability and clarity.

The Shipping Association of the New York, which is a group of the employers and the dockworkers’ union of the International Longshoremen’s Association, had blamed that the Commission of the Waterfront which are creating a shortage of the labor on the port as they are controlling the hiring process of the New Jersey harbor. However the suit was later dismissed by the federal judge.

The leaders of the ILA, Lesniak and some other critics which opinion against the commission said that it is a piece of the waterfront from the past and has outlived the usefulness of the harbor.

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