The My Premium Credit Card Interest Rate/Charges


The My Premium credit card service is for customer financial support which offers it’s a variety of services like payment check, bill information, transaction inquiry or others in few clicks.

Interest Rates

One of the important factor is an interest rate or charges which would be almost 36.0% on all the purchases which a customer made through this credit service. The Annual percentage rate for this service is always mentioned before the customer apply for the card.

Cash Advance Interest


The interest on the cash advance is same as the interest rate, which implied on the purchases done through the card services. It is almost 36.0%.

Paying Interest

The customer who acquires this card, should pay the entire balance at the end of the every month to avoid any interest charges on the purchases which are made through this card. This would be paid before the closing date of the billing cycle at the end of the month. The time period would be 27 days as the billing cycle starts at the start of the month or before. The company has started its charging interest on the cash advance when the transactions are made.

Minimum Charges

The customer needs to be paid only $1.00 or less if they have to charge interest on their purchased or any other applicable services offered by the company to their valued customers.

For more details, the customer needs to contact the consult representatives at the consumer financial Protection Bureau or could visit their official website.

Other Charges

  • Maintenance Fee

The maintenance fee of the services or other card services is annually $125.00 charged at the first year and after that it would become $49.00 annually. While the monthly service fee would be none at the introductory year and it will charge $124.80 annually, which is equal to $10.40 per month from the second month.

  • Transaction Fee

The transaction fee includes Cash Advance and Foreign currency, which is $6.00 or 5% cash advance, while 3% will be charge on the transactions which would made on the U.S dollars.

  • Penalty Fee

The penalty fee includes the late payment or the charge which could be made on the return of the items. This includes the fee which is more than $35.00 at the late payment while it would charge more than $35.00 at the return of items.

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