The M&T Bank Privacy Policy


The M&T is the best American commercial Bank, which, provides its customers the excellent financial services like investment plans, loan plan, credit card services with the interesting reward programs. The customer needs to select their card services offered by the company with the reward program as the details are mentioned on the company website.

Account Security

Every bank holding company provides its customers the authority to share their information with the third party website. To give the security and quick accessibility on the accounts, the banks have specific private policies which strengthen their bonds with their customers. To build the stronger the relationship, the customers should aware with the privacy and security policy of the bank before creating an account on the bank website.

What We Share?


According to the Federal Law, the financial providers, have set the certain rules and the procedures of collecting, sharing and protecting their customer information with the third party. They give authority to the consumers to limit the sharing of their personal information with the other websites. This information includes Social Security number which is assigned by the U.S government for all the residents of the U.S, Income information which includes wages, Salary or taxes details of the consumers, Account balance of the customer account which is recorded in the company database, the payment history of the customer account, credit history and scores.

Limitation Criteria

All the information which is shared by the company after the consent of the customers, is to offer more products and services, for joint marketing with the other financial providers and to support their everyday business with the other companies. The customer could limit their details by contacting on the company official toll free numbers 1-800-724-2440 or to visit the privacy policy forum uploaded on the company website for the customers who are interested in limiting their account details

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