The Merillin Lynch Payment Options For Home Loan Clients


The Merill Lynch, who is working in the United States as the financial provider, gives its customers, who have applied for the loan plans of their homes from the company a different payment options which are easy and quick enough to clear their bills in time.

Payment Solutions

The following are the categories through which you could clear your loan payments which you have received from the company.

  1. First Mortgages:
  • Online

Through this service, the customer could get the status of their bills as well as the expected date of the payments to the company. They could pay online from their registered account on the mortgage website whose link is already shared on the official website of the company.

  • Phone

By contacting on the phone number (888) 412-8625, they could interact with the representative of the company for getting the further assistance in such payment of the bills.

  • Debit and Flex Pay

This would help the user to easily pay their mortgage payments at the end of the every month as written in the documents which they received from the company after the application and confirmation of the plan. They both require forum to be filled and posted on the company provided address. The forms are uploaded on the company website with the urls. The client needs to download the form for filling the fields with the exact information.

  • Speed Pay

The speed pay is an automatic service of the loan payments which is completed through the phone system. The service allows the customer to make payments at their desired time. The payments could be cleared through the ATM or saving accounts which are connected with the NYCE, PULSE and STAR network.

  • Postal Mails

By this service, you could post the payment checks on the provided postal addresses of the company. The all related information on such payment option is given clearly on the company website. You could get the assistance from the company representatives by calling on the phone numbers (877) 461-2437.

  1. Reverse Mortgage:

The payment option for the reverse mortgage is used by contacting on their phone numbers as given on the related website links. For Financial Freedom call to (800) 441-4428 and for the Bank of America Reverse Mortgage Servicing you need to contact on the phone number (866) 863-5224

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