A latest product that is one of the tools for the conservation of water tries to provide the features for the water regulation and is famous as clear, having the goal to provide the beat monitoring features, reporting and the best service for the customers.

It is having the first goal to provide the facility of clean water in the area of drought like in west.

The utility department is managing the service of an area or not, the users of the Clear software take the visual map almost each day, either monthly or per year of the water consumption and helps in the identification of the methods, the problem facing areas and the leakages that are too much wrecked.

It is also quite helpful in providing the monthly information for the latest reporting in form of coding just in time of few clicks.


This technology is helpful in getting the answers of a number of questions like who was the last user of the highest rank. Which of the accounts are progressing in terms of usage? It helps in filtering the messages for the groups in order to follow and reporting as well.

This product gives support to the latest policies and pushes ahead the methods of the conservation. The application of Dropcountr is following a recent request by the governor of the state of California to make the water consumption to low level by one fifth.

The application includes the signals that give warning to the customers the use of water cross a certain limit and the leakage level information’s are also increased.

This is the first active mobile application that helps the consumers to be connected with their use of water in daily life and encouraging them to save their supplies of water and money as well, according to the report.

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