The Citi Consumer Account Privacy


The Citi Bank is the American best financial provider which offers its customers with the best benefit accounts, credit card services and other financial services. The user needs to register themselves on the company website to avail these services.

Company Privacy Policy

The goal of this bank is not only getting user accounts, but also provide the privacy of their data information as provided during the account registration. The company maintains the solid trust with their customers through their best privacy policies.

Customer Choice


The company account holders could manage their account information. They have authority to protect their personal information from the third party. With this choice, the company encouraged them to avail their best quality services and products to satisfy their financial objectives and needs.

Data Security

The customer personal information is secure as the priority of the company is to provide secure and fast access to their account. The company maintains the privacy and security of the customer information which is procedural, electronic and physical according to the law.

Privacy Law

The company’s online privacy is to control how and what information would be used, shared and collect with the others. When people visit their website to receive emails and promotional activities, the company maintained the privacy of the customer data while they visit on the third party websites.

Not Included in Policy

Besides all the information which is provided by the customers at the registration of their account on the company website, the company is not responsible when the user information is shared on the social media sites or it is collected at the other blogs. It is a solely customer choice to share their information on other website or blogs.

Areas Covered in Security of Account

  • The Content collected about the customer information
  • Use of collected Information
  • Use of Cookies and Tracking Technologies
  • Customer Choice of Sharing Information

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