The Cape Town Water Supply Risk The Lives


At the South Africa’s southwest coast, Cap Town has risked the lives of the residents with the paucity of the water supply in the half area by the local authorities and the homeowner who is acquiring a house in the Gordon’s Bay. The case between the court and the owner, has troubled the water conditions in the area. The main purpose of this dispute, is that the owner of the house, should pay the bills for the security of the pipeline, which cross the area and it is now disputed severely due to the heavy rainfalls in the country.

The water supply has the 66 year old pipeline, which carries the water from the Steenbras Dam to the more than half area of the southern suburbs of the capital Cape Town. The pipeline is now protected by the secure, but a temporary structure. This could be eroded anytime in the coming days.

This threat was emerged in the High Court at the Western Cape and emphasized after the homeowner and the Cape Town local authorities dispute which was raised on the Rijo Beleggings and the Drive of the Suikderbossie, which was represented by the Attie Ras before Judge Robert Henney.

The Cape Town authorities proclaimed that the project needs a concrete structure, which could protect the main big pipeline in the city. They explained, that it is not their responsibility to pay for such projects and to maintain the good water supply situation in the area. It is the sole responsibility of the Suikerbossie owner of the Drive to excavations, which is done while he constructed his house in this area.


The Court Judge Mr. Henney, already received an email, which was highlighted about the damages of the pipelines and how it is worsening the water supply conditions in the area. The email was shared by the Merwyn Wright, who is from the Water and the Sanitation Department in the Cape Town.

He further added that

“I can re-assure you that this water pipe couldn’t be ‘turned off’. It is a major and the highest bulk main pressure areas of the Newlands, Somerset West, Wynberg and a Southern Suburbs, which is a very large area in the Cape Town. If certain pipe bursts in the area, it would worsen the water supply conditions in the area.”

Also, with the burst of the major water pipe in the city, it would also demolish the residential houses which are constructed across the area in the Cape Town.

According to the papers, sent by the court, Rijo Beleggings has purchased the house property from the predecessors of the city and then he connected with the Muncipality of the Bay of Gordon. As the house was constructed on a slope, it also acquired the common boundary with the property which belong to the city. It has already been noticed, that this pipeline is running through the property of the city, which is almost at a distance of 3 meters from the boundary.

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