The Boat Quay Singapore Magnificent Water Front


The world most beautiful country SINGAPORE, which is already among the most magnificent art of the buildings and the sculptures are planning to thrill the world with the new waterfront project. It is to be believed that at the end of the year 2016, the new sign of art with the name Boat Quay will be a project which would be an exciting experience for the visitors and the tourists in the country. The Quay will unblock all the view of the River in the Singapore and also the shop houses which are located in the area near the waterfront project.

After the project discussions splash, which is possible after the approval of the various business firms which indicates that this project will revamp the promenade waterfront in the coming years. The project will be the start of the first quarter of the year 2016.

All the funds would be handled and monitored by the URA, which is Urban Development Authority in Singapore and already played a vital role in such mega projects in the city. The estimated cost of this artistic project would be $5 million, which will solely spend of the URA authorities of the Singapore.

In an interview to the Media which is held on the Wednesday, the company has announced their project Boat Quay for the revamp process. According to them, it would be the 3 open spaces for the public who could enjoy the beautiful sight of the shop houses and the river. No more eateries who patronize along the Quay Promenade would disturb the view.


More than that, the outdoor dinner halls which would be the part of this waterfront project would be standardized according to the standard of the residents and the tourists which they expect in the city. The dining area would have a timber flooring with the canopies which are retractable, the designee of the slots which are used for the signs and the menu would add beauty to the project. Beside, this the beams would be installed in the area to brighten the look and give the soothing atmosphere with the fans and the special lights.

The area has already designed with the huge boards and the unmatched canopies, line of logos which is not appealing and give a disorganized and the inconsistent look of the dining area which lighten the aroma of the seaside which is located along the promenade. The area has also a risk of the wires which are over changing and could create the fire situations. Now, according to the new project, it will be installed underground to avoid any uncertain hazards in the area.

The all appealing changes are made by the River One in the Singapore. They have also managed the Quay Boat, Robertson Quay and Clark Quay. The company is working from over than three months with the URA and other related consulting companies. It also believes in getting the feedback on this mega project from the stakeholders of the country who would purchase the share of this waterfront after the completion of this project.

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