The Best EPA Award Goes To ARIZONA For Improving Water Quality


On 25th March, the Environmental Protection Agency honored the Arizona with $2.5 million for the projects which are planned for the improvement of the water quality in the country. From several years, the polluted water bodies are severely affecting on the health of the local public.

The State of America has leveraged almost $1.6 million for this project. An Additional $5 million is already available for the quality controllers who are working steadily for the quality assurance of the country polluted water.

According to the latest finding, the water quality in the country is impure or polluted by the state authorities. The water purity is the main factor which standardized the water quality in the state and from the hypothesis of the year 2012, Arizona water surface assessment, claimed that the 28% state’s streams and 74% lakes have polluted water quality which is not according to the quality standards of the Environmental Agencies.

The standardized water quality which is set by the agencies is vary from living things to non-living things in the state. It depends on how the standardized water is used for the different purposes. The standardized of the water quality for the daily uses, swimming pools and wildlife, all should consider separately with different criteria to check their quality. The quality of water for the wildlife have different standards to support the sea life or aquatic life in the country. If the water is impure, then it would not only effect on the sea animals, but also effects on the lives of the human who eat seafood


The Arizona has been already famous for its E. coli bacteria, fertilizers and pesticides which are found in the polluted water of the lakes and rivers. Most of the water pollution is due to the drainage of industries in the sea, runoff from recreational areas and stormy water.

In an interview the Regional Administrator of the EPA Jared Blumenfeld said about Arizona water quality.

“EPA has invested over $16 million in Arizona surface waters since 2009,”

He further added that we need to protect our valuable resources in the country against the quality of water. This issue is more important than the drought crises in the country. To improve and protect our resources for the water quality we should focus on the standardized measurements as mentioned by Environmental agencies. This will be beneficial for the survival and health of the Arizona wildlife and its residents.

After the several failure reports about the standardized water quality in the country, the agencies finally successful in purifying their water according to the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency. The agencies have invested almost $2 million for this valuable protection project against the water bacteria and have planned strategies to invest more than that in the coming future. With their immense effort now the federal agency has awarded the state of the Arizona with the $2.5 million for restoring the best quality of water according to the standards.

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