The Bank Of America Privacy Policy


The Bank of America is the largest bank in the United States, which provide its customers with a variety of financial services. The customer could get the special bonus cards, reward programs and other facilities to ease their lives. With its immense popularity, the bank becomes the second largest bank in the United States.

To gain the loyalty of the customers, the company has certain private policies which keep the customer financial and personal information secure.

  • Privacy

The bank privacy policy is for the customer choice and the willingness. The all the user information which they collect and used are under the permission of the users. They could control their account information by setting their privacy rules. The bank main goal is to protect the customer privacy from the third party. For more information about this privacy policy, you need to read carefully the information as provided on the website.

  • Card Security

The customer registered their card as well as accounts on the official website of the company. There card information is also secure. With the best Global chip technology used in the company debit and credit card, it becomes very secure when used at the chip terminals used for the card swapping. For more information about this chip cards security, you need to visit the official website of the company.

  • Mobile Security

The bank is committed to provide its customers with the best of mobile banking security. Under the security guarantee policy which is implemented according to the privacy law on the user account within the bank secure their account information and their payments history from the third party. To find more information about this type of security, the user could access the company website.

  • Email Fraud

Some account members received fraud emails from the fraud companies which used same URL and asked about the customer phone number and other account information. The user must carefully read this email phishing information as mentioned on the website for the users before apply for the user account online.

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