Tap Water In Texas Is In Danger Due To Worms


J&S Water Company facility which has been providing its services to the people living in Old River-Winfree since last ten years has come under immense pressure. Old River-Win free is a town located about 25 miles to the east of Houghton. The reason of such great pressure on them was the presence of worms in the water when the faucets of the residents were turned on during the previous month.

The worms which were found in the tap water were brown and red in colors. The blame of the incident has been given to the invasion on a power outage by the company and to the damaged equipment. A chlorinator which was broken has been pointed by the company.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has been called by the state officials to look at the situation and find out the real cause of such incident. It is the state agency which has the responsibility of supervising the the local water company.

According to the State officials samples will be taken during this week to look at the reason of such poor management of the company. J&S Water Company says that the test sites which were selected among the homes at the town did not give us any worm. They were not able to find worms at more than 6 sites but the company has taken some precautionary measures and flushing of the whole system and chlorination has been done everywhere.


Water supplier that has put blame on the power outage said that during that failure of system, water supply was shut down for almost 16 hours but state owners are not satisfied with the argument and according to them this was not enough time for the worms to enter into the water supply of the city.

Residents have fear in their minds after finding the worms in their water system and now they have clearly made an announcement that they are not going to drinking the water or use it for bathing or washing their clothes or even for their pets unless the state itself clears that.

Water supplier is claiming that there are no worms found in the water yet but the company is looking for it and is cautious about the future. The company can come under problems in future if the incident repeats therefore complete analysis of the situation must be done and residents must be assured that they can use the water for the drinking or bathing or any other required purpose as it is going to be safe for that and there will be no danger for their health.

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