Tap Water Giving Worms And Tadpoles


Unfortunate for the residents of the central Turkey that they are seeing worms and tadpoles that are coming out of their taps. According to the residents, the installation of the pipelines that are used to supply the water was done two decades before and now the condition of the pipes is not good and satisfactory as they are wearing out due to which worms and tadpoles are being found when the faucets of their homes are used. The issue is coming in the installation of the new water supply for the villagers as after the lengthy bureaucratic process for the purpose was replaced into installation of filters

Authorities are being asked for the assistance by the residents. One of the residents, Ismail Tekeli told that the problem is not very rare rather it is coming for everyone. He explained his own experience that after installing the filters on the pipes, he has not been able to get rid of the worms and insects, as they are still sought. They are not disappearing he cleans the filter twice a week.

The problems of same kind have been seen in the United States. Two years back, Oklahoma was the place where residents had to face such pathetic situation when the drinking water was filled with the tiny organisms that were red in color and called blood worms. That was the alarming situation and the residents were asked to prevent the cooking their food and brushing the teeth with the water coming into their taps. Fountain sodas were not allowed to be sold by the stores during that period and moreover schools had to be closed. A fortunate thing for the residents was that they were allowed to take bath from the water as it would not be deemed as dangerous.

The blood worms were almost indestructible as they were not even killed by using the chlorine or the bleach. According to the water commissioner of the town, worms that could be taken out of the filter system and putting them in the bleach and leaving for more than even 4 hours would not kill the worms.


Later, green signal was given by the officials of the town for the use of tap water. According to the authorities there was no threat to the health of the residents from those warms but they did not appear to be accepted.

In the month of July, this year, worms also found their way in to the water supply of Texas. A town 25 miles at the east of Houston, Winfree had the water supply system that was more than 10 years old named as J&S Water Company. There were red and brown colored worms in the water they were using from the faucets.

The allegation was put on the obsolete equipment and the power i=outage by the supplying company.

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