Taiwan Is Next To Conserve Water For The Survival Of The People


After the emergence conservation strategies in the California now the Taiwan is in the list to applying for the water conservation tact to protect the land and the people from the shortage of water. The country has already begun to cut out water supplies in more than 1 million houses. According to the latest news Taiwan has tackled with the year’s worst drought on their islands.

The latest strategy to save the country water for the suture use is to reserve the water supply by lessening the usage in the daily basis. The plans are already implemented which are to cut off the water supply up to two days at the end of the every week. This strategy is started from the several cities in the northern areas on a rotation.

This year, the country failed to get any heavy rainfall or the drought so it appears, that the water will be less in the upcoming years which could suffer the residents in the city. Due to the shortage of the water, the economy of the country is severely affected. According to the latest report, the less rainfall and decrease in the water levels are affecting the country reservoirs which are now much below the capacity. Another root cause of this paucity of water, which is to be blamed is the leakage in the delivery system, wastage of water in hotels, homes and gardens and silt build up reservoirs in the country.

With this critical situation of the water in the country, the Government of Taiwan, the last month has ordered to cut short the usage of the water in daily life. They have predicted the wastage of the water and also forecast that if this situation continues, the country will face the years biggest barren land in the country.


In an interview the Minister of the Economic Affairs predicted that

“The water supply situation is worse in Taiwan as the country had faced the lowest rainfall in winter and the last autumn since 1947. It seems that we don’t have any monsoon rains in the coming years. It’s a need of time that we need cooperation from our public in the conservation of the water in the country which could improve the critical conditions in the coming future.”

The controlling or the water usage in the country is now affecting the surrounding cities like New Taipei City, Hsinchu County and Taoyuan City which are located on the north island. The portions which are located at the north are seems unaffected with the shortage of the water in the country, but with the conservation of the water strategies in the Taiwan it could affect them as well.

The locals of the areas are ordered to conserve their water usage and store the water as much as can while cooking, washing, or flushing of the toilets.

Certain suggestions and criticism are given, but many studies are conducted in researching the powerful tool to conserve the water in the country.

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