Swimming In Lake Erie Banned Due To Low Water Quality, Chilly Temperatures


High level of bacteria count, chilling temperatures and low water quality have made it hard for swimmers to hit Lake Erie beaches. Swimming advisories have been posted for the second day running by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. Because of this, beaches such as Villa Angela, Huntington and Edgewater have been said to be out of bounce for swimmers.

The officials said that the amount of bacteria which is in the water is more than the acceptable level hence making the water unsafe for swimming. The rains which have lasted for the last two days have caused the amount of bacteria in the water level to rise considerably.

According to reports by The Ohio Newscast, the water in most of the Lake Erie beaches are not safe for swimming and related activities except at Mumee Bay State Park and the Fairport Harbor which is near Toledo. It’s reported that people who ignore these advisories and get into the water may likely get sick.

The National Weather Service in Cleveland has today declared that Lake Erie may experience high current ripples that may reach 3-6 feet most of the day. People who get into the water risk being swept away by the strong currents and more probably pushed far away from the shore. This is a real risk which no person should ignore.


Residents who have come to swim had to return home after seeing the notices.

” I’m scared, so I can’t ignore the directive and proceed to swim,” says Jeremy.

Jason Dunn, another resident who had come to swim said “the beach seems deserted today and with advisories against swimming in place, the best thing to do is go home”

Today’s weather forecast shows that there will be decreasing clouds while wind will reach 14-16mph towards the west.

The regional-water district is tasked with the task of testing the water and providing daily updates at Huntington, Villa Angela and Edgewater beaches.

Last week, more than 500,000 people who use water from Lake Erie were affected because of reported contamination of the water.

It was reported that there was a rise in algae blooms which emanated from Lake Erie. The affected people were asked to exercise caution and use bottled water for some days.

However, the ban was lifted late last week because the amount of contamination in the lake’s water had gone down drastically.

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