Suspicious Shortage Of Water Supply At San Joaquin, California


The California is struggling with the devastating floods which already shook the water conditions in the country from the last four years. A huge amount of water has suspiciously disappeared from the land of the San Joaquin Delta. The reports are claiming, against the actions of the farmers in the area and their families who work to tilled the fertile land for their own purpose.

After their mysterious actions, the two largest agencies of the California have launched the complaints to the state investigation. According to them, that the water supply which are given to the Central Valley at the farmland and also the millions of the area residents of the South San Diego are vanishing the water.

After this complaint launched to the authorities, the farmers of the Delta accept that the usage of the water in their area is much than they needed and they are not stealing the water because they are the residents of the water corner for several years and using of water at such rate is not a new step for them. The state agencies still asked the farmers about the water vanishing story and the amount, they are used in their fields. They asked whether they are legally authorized for the amount of the water, they pumped in their fields.

The issue is based on the California’s water right system which is based on the self reporting and a minimum oversight from the very old age. According to this, it gives rights to the all senior water users to use the water amount as much they want from the country for their own purposes. This rule is implemented even in the days when the country suffers from the drought.


With this rule, the California President Gov. Jerry Brown claimed that if the country continue suffering from such kind of droughts then it is the need of the time to examine properly the legal framework to take important actions to solve this crisis.

The Rudy Mussi, the Delta farmer reported that he has all the rights of the water and to prioritize the all rankings by using the water rights whether they are junior or senior. They should use, on such ranking based which is decided.

He claimed, the usage of water should not be divided according to the ranks. If anyone have a surplus water, they shouldn’t mind to share with the others. No matter, the ranks doesn’t matter in such usage of the water. If anyone could afford much and with their political effects, they could use the water at the amount they needed.

The fight continues in the area of the Delta, which is the hub of the water system in the states. It is a serious clash between the farmers. If there is no forecast for the natural hazard like a drought in the country in the coming years, the attention should be given to the dwindle of the water, which produce almost half of the vegetables, nuts and fruits which are main growing crops in the United States.

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