Take Walmart Survey To Win Gift Card


Walmart has a widespread business of supermarket which has been successfully running it globally. Walmart is also known for its welcoming attitude towards the constructive criticism from its customers. It allows them to share their important views about their experience at the stores.

Walmart appreciates the feedback because it guides the company to make the products as the customer demand. And the services of the employees are also improved because of that.

Walmart appreciates the True Opinion

The feedback is of great significance for Walmart therefore it asks you to say true things about its products and services. If you share your vies in an honest way, company can know exactly about the things which are required to be improved. This will in actual be favorable for the customers themselves as the customization of the products is done by taking their views into consideration.


The addition of your views is possible through an online survey which begins with the selection of the language and ends with an opportunity for you to win the $1000 Walmart gift card through a sweepstake.

How can you take part In the Survey?

  • You should have a PC and access to the internet to take part in the survey.
  • It is compulsory to visit the Walmart store at least once and make purchase and get the purchase receipt as well.
  • You should visit the website for this survey within two weeks of you purchased your stuff.

 Steps To Follow

  • Open the web browser and type the official page for the survey of Walmart that is survey.walmart.com.
  • Do not forget to visit this website before the fourteen days of your purchase at the store.
  • At the beginning, you will be asked to choose a language to start your survey. Choose among English and Spanish. After selecting the one, click on the “Continue” button.
  • Another page will open and give you the instructions in detail for the survey.
  • On the next page, you will have to type your store code and zip code. The store code is printed on your sales receipt.
  • Then you will see a list of questions. Answer them and share views about the store and its services.
  • At the end of the survey you have a chance to win the gift card of $1000.

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