Strategies for the Drought to Reduce Its Effects


During the drought situation which is being face by almost entire United States, every state is making strategies and trying to save water by reducing the water supply and through different campaigns to make people aware of the issue and its solutions so that consumers can save water and use it for longer period as the drought is expected to prolong which has made the water utilities and the state authorities to take initiatives which they never want to.

Now almost three years have been passed and many utilities are unable to make any plan to overcome the drought situation. Despite of the fact that they have been given many warnings but still they could either not plan anything or could not make a good one. For such utilities, Water Research Foundation has welcomed the utilities and is providing its assistance. The purpose of WRF is to give education to the utilities about the management of this sever situation. State of California has put restrictions on water and many water utilities are engaged in making new and most efficient ways in which demand for the water can be reduced.

There are some strategies which are being used for this purpose. These strategies include Turf Replacement Programs, Cost Benefit Analysis, Financial Resiliency during droughts and Customer communication during droughts.

Turf Replacement Program reduced the water demand by a great amount. Through this program, water intensive turf grass is replaced with the more water efficient landscaping.  California Department of Water Resources and the federal Bureau of Reclamation funded this program in which incentives to the users are given. The program has helped in the reduction of water use in the residential parts up to 50%.


Financial Resiliency during drought means the financial stability is to be maintained during the restrictions plan made by the water utilities. Cutting of water supply to control its demand definitely affects the sales of the water utilities. Therefore strategies are to be made in a way that reduce the effect of cut back of the water.

Customer Communication is another way which is used by the water utilities for the drought management. Direct interactions with the customers can tell the demand of water by the users and the they can be taught that how much control on the demand should be done and customers can understand well and participate with the water utilities in order to manage the demand of the water to save it so that the effects of droughts can be mitigated as much as they can be.

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