Strategic Planning For The Water Conservation From The Drought Water


The California is facing fourth drought in a consecutive year. Several liters of the water are damaging the fertile area in the country. On March, 20th The Government of California has decided to take precautionary and strategic steps to conserve the water in the country. The chairwoman of the State Water Resources Control Board Felicia Marcus gives a statement on the water conservation.

She said:

There have been some heroic efforts that people have taken, but we don’t see the efforts to step up and ring the alarm bells that the situation warrants, we’re going to need to go further if it doesn’t rain.”

Considering the water conservation issue in the country, the Jerry Brown, administrator of Government set new rules for this issue, which could help the residents of the country. It will effect on their daily usage of water while watering their lawns to the serving of water in the restaurants and hotels to the guests. He further added his conservation plan which requires more than 1 billion dollars and could not only successfully improved the water infrastructure, but could easily helped in case of emergencies in the state. The struggling communities could quickly access the assistance to protect the wildlife in the country.


Only the 70 percent of the water usage in the country is the new target of water conservation in the urban areas where people excessively used the water for their daily use. This restriction in the country could positive impact on the areas where such local rules are non exist able. With such thought provoking steps, now the consumption of the water will be reduced up to 20 percent, which could boost the state goal. The current average of the state wide is under 9 percent.

In a new report submit by the Ventura Water Supply/Shortage Task Force to the City council, they suggest new ideas which claimed that the by providing good incentives in conservation strategies, it could not negatively impact on the people who are forced to limit their water usage in a week.

Such plans got several million funds through the party votes, but as a result, most of the projects are still not complete in the state. According to the recent report, the proposal of almost $7.5 billion water bond is already approved in last Novemeber by the voters. From this amount, almost $272.7 million is spent extensively for the drinking water protection, initiatives for the desalination and recycling. This act seriously effected the budget, which was previously approved for the already approved projects in the country. On Thursday, almost $27.4 million are funded which is a very small amount for this project.

According to the report submitted by the NASA, the total storage of the water in the California is slowly decreasing since the state has started their satellite monitoring in 2002. No matter the ground water reduction has already started in the 20th century. Currently the state is suffering from little water reservoirs, which is almost for one year water supply for the state.

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