State Water Conservation Rules Also Apply To Bishop


It has been clarified that the state has asked residents of Bishop and other affected areas to reduce their water spending by 20%. This is according to a circular issued; this also applies to the City of Bishop and its customers.

This is quite a huge change from the earlier understanding about the mandate of the state. Most residents believed that the mandate would not affect them based on the fact that they face a unique water situation and the city’s small size. This requirement to conserve water by 20 percent commences in September.

The state requires the city of Bishop to enforce the water conservation measures which it agreed with it, failure to do this makes it fined $10,000 daily.

The city is also mandated to fine its customers $500 per day if he or she doesn’t conserve water. However, the directive could be extended if the drought doesn’t stop.


Starting September2014, the city of Bishop has adopted the following measures to conserve water: there will be no outdoor irrigation except between 5pm and 9 am, no irrigation of outdoor landscaping, no washing of driveways, walkways and sidewalks.

Others are no decorative features, unless when there is no recirculation, no wastage of water because of leaks, in flushing from hydrants and not using water for construction purposes unless when there is approval.

It is also required that no hydrant flushing should occur unless when needed for safety and public health. Saving water reduces water rates, saves on costs and protects ground water.

“It’s indeed the most appropriate thing to do and now required by the state,” says Phil.

Water Conservation Expo at Lubbock

From August 16th, roads will all be heading to the city of Wolf-forth for its first water expo which will take place at its Lubbock Indoor courts from 9 am to 6 pm.

Vikram Baliga, horticulture agent at the Lubbock County said that children will be taking part in scientific experiments using water. This will assist then comprehend why conserving the environment is very important.

“Attend the water Expo which is to take place on the 16th. This will help you learn how better to conserve water. Experts from Lubbock Master Gardeners, AgriLife Extension and several other bodies will be speaking on rainwater harvesting, irrigation and many more” When you are done with the speeches, you will be able to visit the vendor area, therefore helping to make your conservation chores a success,” said Vikram Baliga.

“Bring the kids over on that day and get the chance to experience science spectrum or let them build- something with home depot,” he says.

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