Stamford Residents Are Concerned About Their Water Supply


Since the boil water notice which was issued to residents was lifted on Monday. Stamford residents still express their concerns regarding the water supply in their area.

The boil notice was prompted by a burst pipe which made the water discolored and brought up a distinct odor.

“It is really scary seeing the water coming out just like that. You cannot be pretty sure about what’s in it,” said Monique Pryor, a resident of Stamford.

City officials say that they have received some complaints from residents who are scattered across the city. But they say the water problem experienced isn’t a water problem.


“It could be the pipes or the piping system in the house,” said Alan, a Stamford City resident and a manager. It could be attributed to level water use. If the water sits in the piping system for a while, that could develop in the system.

According to Alan, other possibilities could be the existence of rusted pipes in parts of the home. Some pipes which are older than 70 years could make the water coming out of the piping system dirty.

“Once we are done repairing the leak, it may take some days before everything settles back down, even in the piping system,” said Alan.

In other news, Solvang City plans to increase its water supply by building new wells.

According to the emerging news, the city of Solvang is currently on working on a totally new well project which could hike the amount of water supply the resident receives by the next summer.

The plans for the water project got to a good start January after the city declared stage one of drought conditions.

At the moment, the city has four potential locations for water wells and each of them have been tested for water potential.

Once complete, the city officials hope that permanent sites will be build.

The city’s public works officials say that the project will not cost the residents any money, but will help bring down the cost which the residents pay on water.

According to Matt Vanderlinden, the director of public works at Solvang said that the wells will offer an additional water supply for the city hence increasing the regularity of water supply to the city residents.

The entire cost of the piping, wells and routing water is around $750,000. It is expected that pumping of the water will be completed by 2015.

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