Sinkholes In Florida Along With More Water Management Crises


2 years back, a person who belonged to Florida lost his life because of a sinkhole and now it has reopened this year during the summer. A report has come from the similar area, Seffner regarding the sinkhole where the death of that man occurred two year before.

Authorities have been discussing it and according to them, heavy rainfall is the cause of the reopening of the sinkhole. Sinkholes and pumping of the ground water have the connection. If the level of ground water is seen lowered down because of pumping then it is the flaw in the underground structure and due to this failure, occurrence of sinkholes is expected.

University of Wisconsin-Madison has published about the ground water pumping and called it the reason of sinkholes in Florida.

During the winter season, the pumping of ground water is done by the farmers to avert their crops from freezing. A geology professor at the University of South Florida, Mark Stewart told that 140 sinkholes were opened because of that pumping of farmers. Although the residents did not face much difficulty due to most of those sinkholes but here were few of them which created damages as well. One of the highways was affected and damages were found there.


Florida can face many other problems due to this ground water pumping and sinkholes are one of those problems. Crises of the water management is one more sprout of the pumping of ground water even that the state is one of the wettest in the country.

During the year 2010, a cold period of 13 days caused the issues for the management of water for 2 towns in Hillsborough. Pumping of groundwater in large amount by the farmers of strawberry to keep their yield in the perfect condition, made the wells dry and sinkholes were opened. Eventually, residents had to face the issue of plunging of water.

Water Management of the South Florida said that it is important that the management should be able to supply the water to the residents which is available in the state but on the other hand, the availability of water for upcoming generations is also required to be ensured. Moreover the protection of the surroundings cannot be forgotten as well.

Groundwater can provide almost 15 gallons of water to the state of Florida every day and it has been used by the factories, livestock, households, irrigation, power plants, thermoelectric, mining and aquaculture.

Planning Supervisor of the public utilities of Sarasota County, Christopher Cole said that the management of water has never been a simple task. The process has always been a challenging one.

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