Siemens in Poole Get New Deals


It has been revealed that it is going to be Siemens who will be providing the new traffic lights and signals for a number of major infrastructure programs. The global company has a base in Poole Dorset and the schemes they are involved in spread across the South West of England as well as parts of South Wales. In most cases there will be multiple parts to the work they have to carry out and as with most traffic schemes there is going to be a timescale for the work to be completed.

It has been revealed that the projects to be dealt with from the Sopers Lane factory includes:-

  • A science and innovation park that is spread over 65 acres and is going to become the home of the College of Engineering and School of Management that is based on the eastern approach to Swansea. It is expected that this project will be completed by September 2015. Civil Engineers Dawnus brought Siemens into the scheme and they will be sorting out the signals for the two newly laid out junctions.
  • A further project is going to link Barry and Barry Island and this is going to be more complex as there are 2 pedestrian crossings along with 5 junctions that need to be arranged. When completed this area will be the waterfront district centre and the input from Siemens is going to be traffic modelling, signals and highway alignment assistance.
  • In Taunton they will be putting in low voltage control equipment for the £21m project that covers the Northern Inner Distributor Road in Taunton and here they have been brought in by Somerset County Council.
  • In Cornwall there is further work to be carried out to take the pressure off the A3047 in Cornwall and again there is to be a pedestrian crossing arranged as well as two new junctions.

The company is rightly proud of the work that they have been given to do and believe that it is a sign of the esteem in which they are held. Sales and Marketing Director Tom MacMorran said that once the company had been chosen to do a job, the people who hired them could be certain that they will be dealing with experts.

He added that before applying for a contract, they were happy to show evidence of their track record and were proud that the items are made in Poole.


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