Setup The SBC Global AT&T Email On Iphone


SBC Global AT&T is very famous American multinational information transfer’s partnership. Its head office is located at the Whitacre Tower (in downtown Dallas) Texas. AT & T is regarded as the second biggest supplier of a cellular phone. AT&T is the biggest information transfers organization by income.

To setup the SBC Global email on iPhone you require the POP along with SMTP server address for the account of SBC Global. SBC Global email server is presently possessed and oversaw by AT&T. Luckily, the POP and the SMTP servers points of interest for the account are distributed on the AT&T support site. Utilize POP and the SMTP area names to arrange iPhone Mail application and deal with SBC Global account from the device which you are having with you.

What Is The Complete Procedure To Setup The SBC Global Email Setting On The Iphone?

  • Tap the “Settings” symbol in iPhone home screen and open the menu of Settings.
  • Tap the “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars” tab and after that tap the “Accounts” alternative. Your existing email account show.
  • Tap the “Include Account” alternative. A rundown of accessible account sorts shows.
  • Tap “Other” and select “Include Mail Account”. A new account structure opens.
  • Tap the “Name” field and type your name in given field.
  • Tap on the inner side of the “Email” field and then enter the email id of SBC Global.
  • Sort your account secret key in the Password box.
  • Type depiction for your account in the area of Description if fancied. Tap “Next.”
  •  Tap the “POP” choice at the highest point on the screen.
  • Sort the accompanying area name in the field of Host Name in server of Incoming Mail segment:
  • Type the SBC email id in the field of User Name, after that sort the relating secret word for your account in the field of Password. Click “Next” to show the server of Outgoing Mail structure.
  • Type the accompanying area name in the field of Host Name in the server of Outgoing Mail segment:
  • Sort the email address of SBC in the User Name section and after that sort the comparing secret key for an account in the field of Password.
  • Tap “Spare” the iPhone is then designed for sending and get messages from your account of SBC Global.

What Are The Things One Can Do Once He Gets His SBC Global Email On Iphone?


When you get to your SBC Global email on the iPhone, you can do numerous things like:

  • You can check your inbox, for any new or old emails.
  • You can make and send new messages.
  • You can create email messages and spare them as a draft.
  • You can forward messages to other individuals.
  • You can erase old messages, and you can complete some other account administration assignments you can consider.

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