According to the reports – the Saint Luis Obispo County that is on the Central Coast of the California could attempt to maximize the recycled water usage in an attempt to fight against the effects of the historic drought.

According to the reports from the city and county officials – the region has strength to maximize from using the recycled water for the 0.4 percent of the water supply to the 10 percent till the 2020.

According to a report – the drought of the 2014 have marked the benefits of increasing the local dependable water supply for the municipalities and also for the industrial and the agricultural water users.

There are right now the two major water resources in the San Luis Obispo County.


The 90 % of the water has been accounted by the groundwater basins and the surface water like the reservoirs and the lakes accounts for the 10 percent – according to a report.

The Courtney Howard who is an engineer of the water resources and working with the Public Works has explained that the infrastructure is the main barrier in using the more of recycled water.

According to the Courtney Howard – the major hurdle that we have got as the barrier to achieve our goal of the greater use of the recycled water is probably be the cost of the infrastructure that is in the way of achieving our main objective.

In order to come across to that barrier, we would need to take the grants in order to cover the costs that will speed up the implementation – Courtney Howard said.

The HPAs (homeowners associations) in San Diego area are already obtaining the benefits of the new water technology.

In the year 2004, the water bills for Westview Neighborhood HOA including the 2 acres of planters, 9 acres of slopes and the half-acre of turf were approximately $16,000 per month – according to a landscape official.

The costs have been reduced significantly by installing the smart controllers, reducing the consumption and by using the recycled waters – according to the John Kalas, who is the property manager at the HOA.

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