Securit E Cards A Best Way To Get Family Support Payments


Securit E Cards are the best payment cards issued by the Missouri Department of Social Services to the families who get their services for the child support program. The department transfer money on the family account, which they registered on their website and could access easily by adding their card number and password in the sign in page online. The center is located in the Jefferson City. The card allow the registered members to receive their payments online rather than using their personal checks which could be sent through the mail on their postal address. it could be unsecured and risky to get payments through such sources.

Secure and Reliable

This is not a credit card, but a reliable and secure way to use your cash for your daily financial activities. It is a Master Card which allows your money to easily transfer from the Support program or the State of Missouri to your card. It is reliable as the money will be transferred safely in your account by the authorities and much secure from theft, lost, postal check delays, checking cashing fees which could be possible in cash transferring.

My Payments from Officials


This special card which is allotted to the registered members of the company have various benefits. They could get the payments on the card within two business days. As the department received, the member payments from the other connected companies support them in providing the child support program or family support program. The department then transferred their decided amount to their respective registered account immediately.

Direct Deposit for Saving Account

The company registered users have a choice to change their transaction way in their saving account from the company registered account. If you want to access your amount without the special allotted card, then simply contact the Social Service Department for receiving your payments by direct deposit. This process needs to fill the application form provided by the department to the users who want to avail this facility. You need to log in or call on their numbers 1-888-761-3665 or at their website address

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