Give Sears Feedback To Win Prizes


The Sears is the American best department which deals in all kinds of bags, jewelry, accessories and others to its customers.

Fill the Form:

Follow the instructions as mentioned below to win your prize:

  • To get lucky, open this website link on your internet devices.
  • As the link opens, it contains some required information before starting the filling process of the customer survey form. Choose your choice of Language as it is given i-e “FRENCH”or “ENGLISH”.
  • You should be a customer of the company, so that you could have a receipt of your shopping products. Provide your receipt number which should be a 12 digit number in the first box.
  • A calendar is loaded from the department, which is used to select your purchase date. If you are not sure about the date, then check your receipt, it has also contains the date of your visit at the department.
  • Complete the process and Hit on the Next button to start the survey.
  • The new window has all the survey questions which could be answered at the level of your experience. Whether you have satisfied, unsatisfied or other level experience, choose according to your choice. This would not effect on your winning prize.
  • Complete the survey form with more questions which showed whether you are agreeing or disagree with the company products’ performance, employee attitude or others. You can also suggest, recommend or complaint about the company products or services on this form. The boxes would be given on the form as well.
  • At the end of the questions which you have answered according to your experience or choice, now it will ask for your personal details which could be helpful for the company representatives to contact you. This would be the confirmation process of your information to avoid future misconceptions.

You would get your prize after a lucky draw from the company.


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