Saxony Beach closes due to poor water quality


Saxon Beach has been closed due to poor water quality. This has been blamed on the Canada-Geese. The beach and lake in Fishers will remain closed over the weekend due to water quality issues. This is according to Autumn Gasior, the spokesman of the town.

“Water quality tests have shown high levels of concentration of E.Coli, bacteria which may have been caused by goose droppings around the lake,” Gasio said.

During the peak of the summer season, more than 800 people fish, swim and enjoy a wide range of water sports.

However, reduced number of visitors at the lake has made it a breeding ground for geese and a wide range of other wildlife.


“The birds had a run of the entire place,” said Gasior. He added that geese moved to the beach after the weekend schedule was switched by the Saxony.

Gasior said that the lake is expected to be reopened on August 23 after series of tests are completed.

Earlier this year, the town took over the entire 300 feet beach which is located on the 20 acre Saxony Lake. However, this was at first objected by Michael Colby, a council member who warned that Waterfowl would take over whole parts of the small lake.

Manager of Fishers Town Scott Fadness said that beach goers shouldn’t be alarmed by the lake’s closure due to the fact that Canada Geese move to the area every year.

Fadness said that they will continue with the tests until when this naturally goes away.

This is not the first time the closure of the beach hit the headlines. In 2012, the lake was closed because it experienced low water levels. Last year, swimming in the lake was also suspended so as to allow for water qualify tests to be carried out.

Gasior added that water testing is done every Friday and said that the water was free from chemicals.

Last weekend, some children entered the water for the Fishers-Kids-Triathlon, so the closure of the beach left some of the parents surprised.

“I did not have any concerns when my son was in the water swimming,” said Mindy Irish. “It looked as though it was always attended to”

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