San Marcos Council Meets To Discuss Water Conservation Efforts


At a San Marcos Council Meeting which was held this week, most of the discussion centered on water conservation as the length drought that has been experienced has reached worrying levels. This is shown in the staff reports of the city’s water conservation efforts.

The reports emanate at a time when nationwide water agencies are coming up with compulsory water conservation measures as a way to enhance their water conservation efforts and drought response mitigation plans.

“The situation has very much intensified,” said Dana Friehauf who works as a water conservation manager at the San Diego County Water. Dana’s report which was the first in the night captured the images of the depleted water bodies as well as the aerial images of the peak of the Sierra Nevada snowpack which is just a stark reminder of what the mountain was in 2011 as compared to today.

The Metropolitan Water District in Southern California which is the latest water wholesaler is expected to use almost half of its dry year storage to ensure that demand is satisfied this year.


“If the drought doesn’t end soon, water rationing in southern California is more likely. Water allocations could also be done as early as next year,” Friehauf said.

“That is the reason we need to be conserving water right now because the more we save the less amount which we will have to take out of our storage,” Friehauf said.

However, the report was not entirely negative as it showed that the state of California was much better when compared to other regions nationwide because of its massive investment in water conservation and supply. Just before the recession in 2007, residents of California were using 20% less water than other states.

The attention of the report then turned locally as Mike Edwards, the City’s Director of Public Works talked about various efforts that can be adopted to conserve water which included such things as having efficient water irrigation systems, doing regular audits and introducing retrofitted projects both by private developers as well as the city.

During the meeting, two residents voiced their concerns and urged the city to do more on matters that pertain to water conservation.

“The city should think of replacing its classy landscape with plants that tolerate drought, not just thinking about it as requirements for future development,” said Mary Ann Zounes, a resident.

Mary added that there is no reason why the city should be thinking about the future. She says that there is need for it to act without further delay. Zounes also asked the city officials to avoid excessive watering of parks.

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