Rules For Mega Million Game


Mega Million is a very popular game especially among teens and adults. You can play your mega Million numbers in advance for up to 13 weeks. You can use multi draws option of play card through which you will able to use same number up to 26 consecutive draws. You can ask your retailer to add up your numbers in lottery terminal manually.


To play Mega Millions you must keep following rules in mind.

  • Cost of each game is $1 whereas each pay card has five panels of game you need to use blue, black pen or pencil to fill choices of 5 numbers starting from 1 to 75 under pink section. Select one mega ball number from 1 to 15 in white section. you can also use your computer to select randomly any number
  • If you are choosing manually and by mistake you pick up a wrong option don’t erase it. Move to next game.
  • Don’t choose cash at the time of purchase you can choose either cash or annuity at the time of claiming prize or with in time span of sixty days after entitlement of prize.
  • It allows you to play with same numbers for multiple draw at the same time even you can go for up to 26 consecutive draws
  • Go to play card retailer and receive separate ticket for each processed paly card but make sure Mega Million tickets cannot be cancelled.


New York Lottery offers a facility of subscription to Mega Millions. You can download and print subscription form through website or you can fill up an application of subscription via subscription center of website.


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