Visit RBC Website To Calculate Interest Rate Of Loan


RBC is providing an opportunity to calculate amount of loan, interest rate, mortgage payment along with frequency of payments as per months and years. For this purpose you only have to provide financial information such as your salary, income status, source of revenue, rate of interest and time span. Read set of instructions to calculate rate of interest.


  • Visit website of Royal Back to calculate rate of interest of loan at
  • Hover over the tab of “Loan” this will bring a list of menu you need to click on option of “Loan payment calculator”.
  • This will redirect you to web page where you can calculate total loan payment.
  • In next step you are required to add reason that why you are going to borrow loan.
  • Add complete amount of loan which you want to borrow in relevant text box or select amount through arrow.
  • Furthermore, add rate of interest in required field or again select rate through selector of arrow.
  • Identify what type of payment or rate of interest you want to calculate either loan or Line or credit.
  • In case you are clicking on option of “loan”, you are supposed to enter total time period of payment along with frequency of payment of loan.
  • You need to click on button which is marked as “Calculate” to get results about rate of interest and payment.


Visit website of RBC to calculate rate of interest for free within few minutes.


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