Rise In The Nitrate Level In Pennsylvania Water – A Danger For The Infants’ Life


Households of Pennsylvania have been confronting a major issue in their water supply in which nitrate level has found to be increased this year. This increase in nitrate level in the water has created a huge risk for the infants. Many of the residents have stopped using the water from the wells for the drinking purpose and moved to consume bottled water due to such nitrate issue in the water has come in front of everyone.

Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) has been set by EPA according to which amount of nitrate in the drinking water can be 10 ppm, If the amount exceeds it can become dangerous for the infants with the age below 6 months who are given water to drink with such amount of nitrate which is above the limit set by the EPA. These infants can become sick at the serious level due to the presence of nitrate in the drinking water which can even cause the death.

The sickness can be recognized by the symptoms like shortness of breath and blue baby syndrome. One of the families named as Soltis family had recently tested their well water and the result was shocking as the nitrate level had reached up to 80 ppm. They also testes the well water five years back when they had the satisfactory result of 7 ppm nitrate level in the water which means they have 10 times higher nitrate level in their water if compared with the nitrate level of five years earlier.

Clarke family had also tested their well water and it was found that the nitrate level is between 20 and 40 ppm. Dan Clarke who has a 5 months old daughter was frightened of this level of nitrate and the family is another one which switched to bottled water.


Result of the test from a local source of water, Conewago Creek was also similar according to which 20 to 40 ppm of nitrate was found in its water.

Reasons of Increase in Nitrate Level

One of the causes may be the recent chemical plant fire in the Adams County due to which contaminants entered the creek water.

Spill has been named another cause of such contaminant level as most of the water soluble compounds are found in the creek water which are used in the fertilizers and nitrates are the nitrogen oxide compounds which come under this category.

One of the officials of EPA said that this might be the reason but still there is no clear proof on the basis of which it can be said that this is the actual reason or it is due to chemical fire.

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