Rio Denies The Water Tests Before The 2016 Olympics


It was decided by the Olympic organizing committee of Rio de Janeiro that the viral tests for the sewage contaminated water would be conducted as the Olympic Games are very close which have to be organized in the next year but now the committee has decided that the tests would not be conducted despite of the international pressure to scrutinize and eradicate health risks for athletes.


According to the management of the Summer Olympics of 2016 which are to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, there is no such plan for the testing of the waterway with the human sewage which is going to be the home to aquatic events for the viruses which are a threat to the athletes and they are afraid of getting sick due to them.

It has been found out that the Guanabara Bay of Rio along with the more water venues are filled with contamination which include the untreated sewage of human. Doctors who have been hired for the US Olympic team put the blame on the water pollution for making 13 American rowers sick when the practice was going on at the place of the competition of rowing.

Management team of the Olympics say that they got the support of the health officials to take the decision contrary to the addition of the viral tests.

It is going to be very expensive for the organizers of the Rio Olympics 2016 to conduct the viral tests and they are planning to save the money for which they have also been reinforced by World Health Organization.

A statement from World Health Organization cam regarding this matter according to which the testing done through standard bacterial indicators is the foundation of the global guidelines that are for the monitoring of the bathing water regarding the health of the public. It is not recommended by WHO to do the viruses tests for the routine monitoring as the standardized methods are lacking and the interpretation of the results is complicated.


The guidelines given by WHO suggest that the classification of the quality of water through an ongoing and a regular microbial testing program for the quality of the water, the identification of the risks related to the health of bathers from the contaminated bath water by using the E. coli, enterococci and sanitary inspection.

Mario Andrada, a spokesperson for Rio told at the news conference that the recommendation came from WHO is considered to be the final instruction on this issue and it brings the issue at an end.

The matter was disclosed during the month of July and there were threats for the athletes of getting sick as they have to take part in the boating and swimming but the water is polluted with the feces of human and this could even cause to stop the games from occurring in Rio.

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