Rio Can Withdraw From Hosting 2016 Olympics


There were doubts that athletes who have to participate in the Olympic Games going to be organized at Rio during the upcoming summer would have to face a risky situation. The doubts have been converted into realty when claims have been seen from the athletes that the effects have already been observed and few of the athletes are found to be infected the results of which are being faced by the authorities in shape of protests from these athletes.

More than 30 boats and watercrafts have been positioned to be cruised across the Guanabara Bay of Rio de Janeiro for the protest 1 year before the Olympics of 2016 as a step to show concern about the water pollution. The objective was to bring the spot light on the areas where the bacteria have very their feet and for that purpose a journey of almost 7 miles was fixed by the protestors.

Isabel Swan who is the sailor from Brazil has been a medalist at Olympics in China in 2008.She said that the opportunity has come to the Brazilian people to be remembered among themselves and their children and they should not lose that which is right now an issue because they could not even make the Bay completely clean.

Swan further said that she has a target in her mind that she would start a campaign by which she will persuade the people to participate in the defense of Guanabara Bay which would be the initiating act to make government realize about the requirement of its commitment for the clearance of the Bay.


Athletes are already getting ill because of the polluted water of Rio and first case has been seen when the ambulance was called to take a patient of dehydration, headache, vomiting and dizziness. 4 athletes have been going through such kind of situations among whom, one is Cho. Officials have admitted that there are more athletes who are suffering from illness but are hesitating to tell that openly. Cho had got treatment and was found to be almost 50 percent fit and even he was doing his training. According to him, the cause of his illness is still unknown to him.

If the situation remains same in future as well, then Rio may have to quit to host the Olympics next year whose events have been planned at beach venues.

Due to this contamination problem, athletes would have to swim and do boating in the water which is filled with the feces of human and that could be the reason of their illness which would even be worse as the inquiries have been done to know about the issue deeply unfortunately bacteria and viruses are found at very high levels.

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