Residents To Have Water Meters Fitted In Response To Global Water Shortages and Specific Problems in California


It has been revealed that even through California suffers a great deal from droughts, there are still many people who have not installed a water meter and have no idea how much water they are actually using.

Reports say that this will change, but it does not appear to be happening quickly enough. By 2025 there must be meters fitted everywhere but there are still over 235,000 residency’s and businesses that have not had then fitted.

Press analysis has shown that the Californians who live in the areas where there is the highest amount of homes that have not been fitted with meters also seem to be the areas where the most water is used and there are 10 that are above the state average.

While the houses without meters are in the minority, it has been said that every drop of water counts and Governor Jerry Brown is sticking to the statements he made earlier in the year that there would be $500 fines for water wasters. Some areas are taking the issues seriously and they have put water cops on the streets checking what others are using and wasting.


The bigger problems seem to be with the state agencies as they are not aware as to whether or not they have managed to meet the goal that the governor has set. He wants there to be 20% saved and there is little or nothing known about how much is being used by farmers or industrialists.

According to the president of the Pacific Institute in Oakland, Peter Gleick, it is wrong that in this day and age that there should not be more known about the water that is being used. He believes this applies to California even more due to the fact that this is their third year of drought.

Results have shown that there can be savings as Fresno cut usage by 10% when meters were installed according to Mark Standiff a city spokesman.

Some residents are going to be difficult to convince as while there are some that have to accept installation they don’t like others making the decisions. This seems to apply especially to residents such as Julie Kaiser who says her family does not waste water but must have a meter anyway.

She accepts having a lawn that does not look as good as it should but wants her conservation to be her decision.

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